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JomHack partnership

As a technology and startup focused law firm, we’re always looking for ways to engage with Malaysia’s awesome startup and entrepreneur community. As a result, we partnered with JomHack earlier this month.

JomHack is a Malaysian hackathon organiser and made up of a bunch of hackathon-lovers, dedicated to organizing the best hackathons you would’ve seen in this region. JomHack’s founder, Inbaraj Suppiah is a community builder and digital entrepreneur who wears many hats like the founder of OpenCoffeeCLub KL as well.

This year’s theme will loook at a post-Covid-19 crisis world and how technologies can help change rebuild our lives. Things like education, healthcare, food security are some of the areas that the 24 hour hackathon will focus this year.

We’re so glad to be given the opportunity to partner up with JomHack for this year’s event and hope to partner with other startup ecosystem builders. Take a look at JomHack website for more details about the JomHack Hack2Help event

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Izwan Zakaria

Izwan likes to write about startups. He enjoys working and mentoring entrepreneurs and founders. He is also a startup lawyer at Izwan & Partners.

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