Izwan Zakaria was featured on the Asia Law Portal on running a tech and startup focused law firm

Izwan Zakaria, the managing partner of Izwan & Partners was recently interviewed on the Asia Law Portal on running technology and startup focused law firm.

In the interview, Izwan explained how he found his passion for technologies, including why he decided to carve out a niche practice when he founded Izwan & Partners. Izwan was also upfront about the challenges and opportunities in running tech and startup focused law firm in Malaysia with a regional focus.

He also reiterated his conviction on why Malaysia remains one of the top startup ecosystems in South East Asia and why a tech entrepreneur should consider it as a technology hub. The interview highlighted some of the prominent initiatives undertaken by MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre) and MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) to further grow the ecosystem locally and also with a regional vision.

He also highlighted the positive initiatives undertaken by the Bank Negara Malaysia (The Central Bank of Malaysia) and Securities Commission Malaysia like the introduction of the regulatory sandbox and the fintech community to encourage more fintech companies to offer their fintech products and services in Malaysia.

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Read the full Q&A on the Asia Law Portal website.

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Picture of Izwan Zakaria

Izwan Zakaria

Izwan likes to write about startups. He enjoys working and mentoring entrepreneurs and founders. He is also a startup lawyer at Izwan & Partners.

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