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Adl Advisory Islamic fintech focused shariah advisory firm partners with Izwan & Partners

Islamic fintech-focused shariah advisory firm Adl Advisory collaborates with Izwan & Partners
Izwan & Partners is pleased to announce that it has executed a memorandum of understanding with Adl Advisory, a registered Shariah Adviser by the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Izwan Zakaria, the managing partner of Izwan & Partners said:

“As a technology and startup focused corporate law firm, we are lucky to have met and worked with the principal of Adl Advisory, Mufti Yousuf Sultan on multiple occasions in our past dealings where we acted for Islamic fintech startups in this space. So what exciting news for us when we learnt that Mufti Yousuf Sultan has decided to form his own outfit earlier this year! We are hopeful that this formal engagement will allow us to work more closely with Adl Advisory’s passionate team in adding more value to the Islamic fintech ecosystem in Malaysia and overseas.”

The partnership between Adl Advisory and Izwan & Partners would seek to further promote and develop a strong startup ecosystem by complying with rules and regulations in accordance with the shariah laws.

About Izwan & Partners

Izwan & Partners is a corporate law firm helping daring entrepreneurs build global businesses in Malaysia. Like Silicon Valley law firms, we also connect our clients to our network in Malaysia and overseas. To know more about how we’re helping start-ups and technology companies, visit

About Adl Advisory

Adl Advisory is an approved and registered Shariah Adviser by the Securities Commission Malaysia. The firm provides a wholesome and end-to-end Shariah advisory service as a ‘Shariah Advisory As a Service’ for corporates, organisations, businesses, investors and asset managers financially and non-financially. For more details about Adl Advisory, visit their website at

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Izwan Zakaria

Izwan likes to write about startups. He enjoys working and mentoring entrepreneurs and founders. He is also a startup lawyer at Izwan & Partners.

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