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Covid-19 and Your Startup:
Legal Resources and Updates

A collection of important updates and resources for startups and technology companies affected by Covid-19

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Got here from our recent MaGIC webinar? Get a copy of the deck  below.

While you’re here, we’d also like to invite you to check out our live resources below which we’ve made just for businesses and startups like yourself that we hope will be useful to you.

We are a startup too

As a startup ourselves, we understand that this is a challenging, stressful time for so many in our startup community in Malaysia and even around the world. We hope you’re taking care of yourself despite all that’s going on.

Also, to help you navigate these times and understand your legal obligations, we’ve collated a collection of resources to keep you up to date with the latest developments affecting startups, tech companies, and small businesses. You can find a list of these resources further below this page.

This page is a live resource, so be sure to check back regularly for the most up-to-date information in this rapidly changing environment. If you have any comment or suggestion on other resources that we should include this list, send us a note at [email protected].


How we're helping

With so much going on at the moment, it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to legally protecting your business in the face of Covid-19 pandemic. As a business, you may have questions like:

We have consulted with several startups on the above matters. And we’ll be happy to get into a call with you as well to address any of the questions you may have above. Just pick a date and time on the calendar next to this column and we’ll give you a call. It’s that simple.

Our latest resources

Covid-19 and Your Startup: Free Legal Resources 1

Can you terminate a contract because of Covid-19?

As a business owner, it may be difficult to carry out your contractual obligations due to the current movement restriction. We take a look at two legal principles that permits a party to terminate a contract.


What else are we doing to help the startup ecosystem?

We’ve are helping the Malaysian startup ecosystem especially those tech startups and businesses affected by Covid-19: 

If you’d also like to help out as well, do reach out to us and let us know how you can offer your assistance to help tech startups and businesses affected by Covid-19.

Innovative companies that we've worked with

See what our clients say

Izwan supported my ambition to build my own social enterprise and opened doors to his connections and networks, allowing me to grow my social enterprise to where it is today. His genuine intention in helping startup entrepreneurs is portrayed through his constant support and advice.
Izwan is well versed in helping start ups with legal advice.
Izwan Zakaria, the only name that pops up each time my tech startup friends ask me to recommend them a future-proof lawyer. He has the skills, the knowledge and experience. His advice is sound and practical too. Yeah sure, there are many lawyers out there you say but personally I trust Izwan more.
Izwan has been, and still is, an invaluable partner as our legal counsel and friend, through out our journey as an agritech startup in Malaysia and Singapore. He has helped us with our fund raising, business connections, legal contracts and shared us on potential grants landscape and social impact that we can make!
If you're a startup and curious about building a ready commercial presence and where to head for investments, you'll search in vain for anyone with more extensive insights than Izwan.
One thing that struck me about Izwan is that he really wants the best for everyone! He is resourceful and honest, and also empathetic. Izwan also has an eye for tech and startup related stuff, so do talk to him!

Final thoughts

We operate fully on the cloud and will continue to operate during the Covid-19 situation. We hope that these resources may be able to guide you in navigating the current unprecedented scenario. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to get into a call with you to discuss any question that you may have.

Above all, we hope you stay safe during these tough times. We are deeply involved in the local startup ecosystem. We’re committed to doing whatever we can to keep the Malaysian startup community thriving and grow.