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We’re looking forward to help you with your company. Just let us know what you need. We don’t charge for an initial 30 mins consultation call discussion. We’ll be upfront on what we think the issues are, and whether we can assist you.

Here are several frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the call and our answers.

In our experience, an initial call helps us understand your scenario better.

During the call, we can ask follow up questions with the aim of ending the call with 2 purposes, namely: (i) decide if you need to engage a lawyer and (ii) help you pinpoint legal issues that you should know if you decide to engage us a lawyer.

If you need to talk to a startup lawyer urgently, please refer to the question ‘I need to talk to a startup lawyer urgently’.

A call is useful to get to know each other. During the call, we can cover high level general guidance and assist you to formulate your needs and issues. 

The usual topics that can be covered are:

– Things to look out for before starting a company

– Founders agremenet and vesting provisions

– Legal issues to consider beore raising funds

– What to consider before hiring an employee?

– Board and governance matters

– Deciding on  Employee Shares Options Scheme (ESOS) and its implementation strategies

–  Any other company, startup or founder related matters that you may have in mind 

The initial call is absolutely free. 

Strictly speaking, lawyer- client privilege will exist only upon the execution of a letter of engagement between us.

If you wish and need to disclose certain proprietary information during the call, we’ll be happy to execute a non-disclosure agreement on a case by case basis.

The primary purpose of the call is for us to figure out if there is a legal matter that we may act as your legal counsel.

The  30 mins “cap” helps us manage our call schedule on a time block basis.

We may usually schedule a subsequent call or meeting with a longer duration if we’re onboarded as your legal counsel.

In some occasions, our call may exceed the limit as the issues discussed during the call may be quite extensive.

If this is the case, we reserve the right to end and conclude the call or (ii) extend the initial call, usually if we think we may be able to take up the matter.

1. Just pick a time that suits you on the calendar on this page.

2. Choose your preferred call options (we currently use Zoom, Microsoft Team or normal call).

3. Put in your contact number and a short brief about yourself (the more details will be better for us to prep for the call!)

4. Click submit, and you’ll get a confirmation email from our team.

5. And we’ll give you a call. It’s that simple!

6. If you have any question  or face any issue during booking a call, you may drop an email to [email protected] or Whatsapp +60182407311.

Yes, we can arrange a date and time for a physical meeting around Klang Valley area. Please email us at [email protected] or  send a Whatsapp to our official law firm number +60182407311.

We aim to send a follow up email from a call within 2-3 working days.

The email will usually contain a recap of the call, our proposed scope of work and fee estimate.

You may then decide if you wish to engage us as a lawyer for the matter involved. A formal engagement letter will be sent separately once we get a green light from your side to engage us as a legal counsel.

No, however we may likely be taking physical notes during the call. We need these notes for us to send you a follow up email together with our proposed scope of work and fee estimate.

We understand there are times that you may need an urgent legal assistance.

If this is the case, please email [email protected] or send a Whatsapp to our official number +60182407311 and a lawyer will respond to your request within 24 hours.

In a typical initial call, both lawyer and client are coming in fairly blind. The call allows us to:

– assess your case

– gather information about your matter

– explain legal options (if you decide to engage us as the legal counsel).

The initial call also helps us to build trust and rapport to demonstrate our expertise in the subject matter.

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