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About Izwan Zakaria

Hi, I’m Izwan! 

I’ve been a corporate lawyer for the past 10 years specialising in corporate, proejcts and infrastructure ranging from public listed companies to major infrastructure players. 

In the past, I’ve worked in boutique corporate law firms, private equity fund, to family office. Although I’ve enjoyed working on large corporate deals, I’ve been passionate about the technologies space since a young kid.

In 2019, I decided to start Izwan & Partners to get involved in the digital economy space in the country. The law firm regularly advises technology companies, startups, and venture capitals in Malaysia.

Although we’re a niche law firm, we’re always open to new challenges.

Why work with us?

About Izwan & Partners

Izwan & Partners is a Kuala Lumpur based corporate law firm that specialises in advising early stage technology companies and startups. The clients regularly deals ith complex cross border legal issues in highly regulated industries who appreciate regular and personal contact with a senior counsel.

As a niche legal practice, we pride ourselves on providing practical and, with an eye to the future, conservative advice regarding the use of cutting edge technologies in complex and shifting regulatory environments.

Our clients are in business for the long run, and so are we.